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Revised and Expanded

- Every chapter revised and expanded

- New chapter on the War in Heaven

- New chapter on Theodicy (Why God allows suffering)


- Thought questions for group study

- Martin's CWP Bible Marking System

- Preview of prequel Before the Reaping

-"World's Best Tamale Pie" Recipe

Speaking Events - Updated Regularly


Feb. 8-10, Cohutta Springs -  Children's Leader's (invitation only)

Feb. 23, Harrison, TN "Heaven 1: Rebellion and Reunion"

March 2, Harrison, TN "Heaven 2: The Inheritance of the Meek"

March 30, Cleveland (Ladd Springs), TN "Serpents & Doves 3"

April 27, Fayetteville, GA "Heaven, Think On These Things"

May 4, Benton, TN  "Heaven 1: Rebellion and Reunion"

May 11,  Roanoke, VA "Discernment in the Final Days"

POSTPONED TO AUG. 10 - May 25, Harrison, TN "Heaven 3: Pleasures Forevermore"

June 8, Benton, TN "Heaven 2: Inheritance of the Meek"

June 22, Benton, TN "Heaven 3: Pleasures Forevermore"

June 29, Georgetown, TN "Serpents & Doves 5: Great Debate"

July 6, Georgetown, TN "Pleasures Forevermore"

Aug. 3, East Ridge, TN "Pleasures Forevermore"

Aug. 10 (from May 25) Harrison, TN "Heaven 3: Pleasures Forevermore"

Aug. 31, Georgetown, TN "Discernment 1: A Rare Commodity"

Sept. 7, Georgetown, TN "Discernment 2: 35,000 Decisions a Day"

Sept. 21, Centerville, TN Heaven 1-3

Nov. 16, Hohenwald, TN "Heaven, Think On These Things series"

Nov. 30, Georgetown, TN "Discernment 3: Final Events"

Dec. 7, Georgetown, TN TBD


“Martin helps to facilitate the task of imagining and realizing heaven. With a compelling style of artfully combining insights from the Bible with the reasonable perspectives of a sanctified imagination, the author provides the reader with a charming and elegant view into the lofty courts above.” 

      – Delbert W. Baker, PhD.

"Fascinating, thrilling insights! Every believer in Jesus Christ will be challenged and inspired by this powerful, instructive devotional book on the eternal home of the saved.” 

     – E. Lonnie Melashenko, former Director-Speaker, Voice of Prophecy radio broadcast 

“I have read other books that shared the writer’s concept of what life in Heaven will be like, but this one seemed especially good to me.  e word pictures it presents are so vivid, yet down-to-earth... I highly recommend this book.” 

        – Alvin Fisher, Editor Acapella 

“I found the combination of Biblical statements and facts and [Martin’s] vivid imagination of Heaven delightful. It stimulated my thinking and desire to be there. I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks about Heaven as a real place.” 

      – Dr. William Dysinger, speaker: SafeTV, author: Heaven’s Lifestyle Today 

Coming this summer


Conversing with Serpents and Doves

Do you struggle undertaking needed conversations with certain individuals, because you know it will just end in an argument?  Do you find yourself either  demanding your way or giving in just to appease someone else?  Carl Martin's brand-new pocket book examines both the science and the Scriptures behind what is really going on under the surface and why we struggle so much to communicate effectively with certain people.  Coming soon.  Keep checking back for updates.

"Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves." - Matt. 10:16

Carl Martin


Carl Martin is an optimist, thanks to the promises of God. But this was not always so. Immediately after his high school graduation, he took a prodigal journey away from both his hometown and his spiritual life. He moved to Southern California in pursuit of a career in Hollywood, where he studied acting and screenwriting and soon landed an agent. But through a providential series of events, his eyes were opened, and he dedicated his life and abilities to serving Christ and spreading the gospel.  In 2004 he returned to his hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife Coleen and their kids, Daltry and Darby.

Professionally, he has trained hundreds of managers and employees in EEOC and government compliance, leadership, time management, goal-setting, and interpersonal development in corporate America. Carl has spoken at universities, churches, camp meetings, schools, retreats, and other events across the United States and overseas. He has held speaking tours in Jinotega, Nicaragua and in eight cities along the eastern coast of Australia in 2016. 

In February, 2019 Carl was the keynote speaker at the Children's Ministry Convention in Crandall, Georgia.

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Just Added (June 23, 2019) View Martin's Three-Part Series on Heaven

Part 1: "Rebellion and Reunion"

Part 2: "The Inheritance of the Meek"

Part 3: "Pleasures Forevermore"

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